Who We Are

Building on 30 years of experience, Say Yes to Education Consulting Services help communities expand their capacity to support young people along the pathway from early childhood to adult success.

Our Approach

We partner with communities to provide the technical assistance to ensure all young people can point toward, and reach, the North Star of college or other postsecondary completion, as a gateway to adult success. We tailor our advisory services to your community and its unique set of resources and challenges.

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Our Story

We marshal the field’s best thinking, best practices and latest research, as well as draw on the three decades of experience, lessons learned and expertise of the pioneering, national nonprofit organization Say Yes to Education.

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The Weiss Institute, an initiative of Say Yes to Education expands the capacity of communities to make it possible for all young people to earn a college degree or other postsecondary credential. Inspired by philanthropist George Weiss, who founded the nonprofit organization Say Yes to Education 30 years ago, the institute builds on the work of Say Yes and of America’s Promise Alliance, the nation’s largest network dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth. Collectively, these organizations have five decades of experience and knowledge in helping communities come together to best support young people, preschool to career, on the path to adult success.

Specifically, the Weiss Institute provides tools and expertise to support communities in their efforts to:

• Identify and leverage community strengths
• Build trust and civic infrastructure, along with processes for collaborative governance
• Establish incentives to drive sustainable collaboration
• Eliminate or reduce predictable barriers to academic achievement
• Close the equity gap in education
• Break the cycles of intergenerational poverty
• Prepare young people for meaningful careers, lifelong learning and civic engagement
• Build a college-going culture and increase postsecondary degree attainment
• Improve community vitality and economic development.

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Often, communities take a short-term, single-issue approach to a challenge that requires nothing less than long-term, community-wide structural and cultural change. The Weiss Institute will bring together the best thinking, latest research and community-tested strategies for the benefit of communities seeking to help more students get on a path to adult success. An applied research and technical assistance center, the Institute will:

• Commission research to advance the understanding of how communities can most effectively support young people
• Organize and lead convenings around the country where participants can learn about best practices from partner organizations and each other
• Lead site visits to communities engaging in best practice
• Provide fee-for-service technical assistance to help communities create and implement strategies locally
• Increase awareness and encourage adoption of strategies that work.