Postsecondary Planning System - Software as a Service

The Postsecondary Planning System is a Weiss Institute tool that provides for a strategic commitment to data driven approach to service provision.

How the Postsecondary Planning System Works

The Postsecondary Planning System (PPS) is a software system that enables us to assess progress across the community in real-time and to use the data as a flashlight. Using data that is collected from survey questions based on key academic, social-emotional and physical health indicators, the PPS creates individualized growth plans for students. The plans are measured by identifying where a student is falling short of achieving milestones along the pathway to success.

Using service providers that are already based in the schools or surrounding community, in-school family and student support teams connect students and families to services that can help overcome barriers to success. Services could include mental health clinics, after-school programs, no cost or low cost health care like dental or vision clinics, or other support or counseling programs.