How Can Say Yes to Education Consulting Services Help Your Community?

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At Say Yes to Education, we leverage our three decades of experience, lessons learned and expertise to help you develop solutions that break down predictable barriers to success for students – as well as, ultimately, for schools and communities.

As your strategic partner, we tailor our advisory services to your community and its unique set of assets and challenges. In doing so, we work to provide the technical assistance to ensure all young people can point toward, and reach, the North Star of college or other postsecondary completion, as a gateway to adult success.

Our core advisory services include those in the following areas:


  • Fiscal analytics
  • Pathway analytics
  • Community asset mapping
  • Early childhood analytics
  • Scholarship modeling

Culture, Systems and Structures

  • Facilitation of cross-sector collaboration
  • Strategizing priorities
  • Developing comprehensive support services
  • Building trust
  • Strategizing communications


  • Development and launch of postsecondary planning system
  • Scaling of student support services
  • Managing of communications


  • Maintenance of postsecondary planning system
  • Ongoing support for cross-sector collaboration and communications
  • Fiscal planning
  • Ongoing Pathway reporting

Our approach is designed to provide ultimate flexibility so that communities can draw from a deep set of resources and expertise:

Comprehensive Model: This model provides a full suite of services delivered in phases and is based on a minimum three-year commitment. The engagement is customized for the client and designed to ensure that all students can achieve college or other postsecondary success.

Targeted Model: This model allows a client community to select from a menu of tools, services and expertise to address specific challenges. The range of services can be phased over time and is customized to address specific needs. Models can be added throughout the engagement as needed. This model is typically delivered over a two-year period.

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